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New & Full Moons 2022

All Dates Eastern Time

Jan. 6 Full Moon 16Cancer22

Jan. 21 New Moon 01Aquarius33


Feb. 5 Full Moon  16Leo41

Feb. 20 New Moon 01Pisces22


March 7 Full Moon 16Virgo40

March 21 New Moon 0Aries50


April 6 Full Moon  16Libra07

April 20 NM Solar Eclipse 29Aries50


May 5 FM Lunar Eclipse 14Scorpio58

May 19 New Moon 28Taurus25


June 3 Full Moon 13Sagittarius18

June 18 New Moon 26Gemini43


July 3   Full Moon 11Aquarius19

July 17 New Moon 24Cancer56


August 1 Full Moon 09Aquarius16

August 16 New Moon 23Leo17

August 30 Full Moon 07Pisces25


Sept. 14 New Moon 21Virgo59

Sept. 29 Full Moon  06Aries00


Oct. 14 NM Solar Eclipse 21Libra08

Oct. 28 FM Lunar Eclipse 05Taurus09


Nov. 13 New Moon 20Scorpio44

Nov. 27 Full Moon 04Gemini51


Dec. 12 New Moon 20Sagittarius40

Dec. 26 Full Moon 04Cancer58

2023 Eclipses

April 20

Solar Eclipse

29Aries 50

May 5

Lunar Eclipse


October 14

Solar Eclipse


October 28

Total Lunar Eclipse


2024 Eclipses

March 25

Lunar Eclipse


April 8

Total Solar Eclipse


September 18

Lunar Eclipse


October 02

Solar Eclipse


Mercury R/D

Jan 18 Mercury D  08Cap08

Apr 21  Mercury R  15Tau37

May 14 Mercury D 05Tau51

Aug 23 Mercury R  21Virgo51

Sept 15 Mercury D 08Virgo00

Aug 23 Mercury R  21Virgo51

Sept 15 Mercury D 08Virgo00

Dec 13 Mercury R  08Cap29

Mercury D Jan 01, 2024   22 Sagittarius11

Venus R/D

Jul 22 Venus R    28Leo36

Sep 3 Venus D  11Cap04

Mars R/D

Oct. 30, 2022 Mars R    25Gemini37

Jan 12 Mars D  08Gem08

ARIES:  Jupiter enters your sign in May opening new doors and bringing luck and

good fortune your way. There is travel in July and August. Summer months bring good tidings to your door! Inspiration for poetry, composing and writing come from dreams and unseen energy fields. Finances continue to be shaky and bring surprises. 
Spiritual Wisdom: When blessings come your way be sure to pay it forward!

TAURUS: Uranus continues to bring ups and downs, enough so that you have to reinvent yourself. Move out of your comfort zone in the summer months. Don't get stuck in old energy patterns. Fall months test your endurance. Philosophical literature appeals. Friends are supportive and encourage you on to new adventures.
Spiritual Wisdom: To manifest your wishes, write hopes and dreams down on paper.

GEMINI: Career-wise you can be inspired or undecided. Same thing applies to any community activity where you have to take a leadership role. Try to get ahead of any debt you have. This year, especially in the spring, is not the best time to co-sign for anyone. Friends are adventurous and invite you along. Enjoy their company and ideas. 
Spiritual Wisdom: To get anything done, you have to concentrate on one project.

CANCER: A vacation by the seaside is possible this year. You will leave feeling inspired and animated. Those born in the middle of July are still feeling relationship challenges. You are faced with events that are difficult to navigate. Fall is a time of rewards and blessings. Hobbies and entertainment score big in your life. 
Spiritual Wisdom: Blessing come in both big and small sizes. Smell the roses.


LEO:  This is a year of purchases but really think before you commit to something beyond your means. Minor health issues crop up, especially relating to skin, teeth, knees and bones. July and August hold lovely surprises and social interactions. Regarding your home life and career, work with people to find equitable solutions.

Spiritual Wisdom: If you dedicate yourself to a valuable project, nothing can stop you.

VIRGO: Patience is required when dealing with younger and less mature people. Between March and April a marvelous gift is coming your way. New people come into your life with an extra dose of love and hope in tow. In the fall, sign contracts cautiously and be a bit wary of work developments - they'll need many revisions.
Spiritual Wisdom: Trust what you can't see and believe in magic. Anything is possible.

LIBRA: There's work-related confusion about your job but you are inspired by co-workers, health professionals or pets! A big celebration this summer puts you back in touch with coveted friends. Paying off a loan or debt is likely. Your dwelling under- goes improvements or repairs. Do a back- ground check on contractors before you hire. 

Spiritual Wisdom: Adopting a healthier lifestyle is much easier than you think. 

SCORPIO: Relationships are still uncertain and require a lot of give and take to work. Creative pastimes bring relaxation and the emerging of latent talents. A new friend steers you in the right direction. Before your sign a contract, be sure you are informed. Record memories with young ones that uphold the family traditions.

Spiritual Wisdom: You attract people into your life that are an extension of yourself. 

SAGITTARIUS: Finances reach a milestone. Depending on how you have managed your money, you could be sitting pretty or concerned about your ever-mounting debt. Your home could use some brightening up. New furniture or a paint job really lift your spirits. Being outside in warmer months allows for social celebrations. An Aries or Leo brings some joy and happiness to your life.

Spiritual Wisdom: Your home is your sanctuary. It's worth the extra effort to make it peaceful. 

CAPRICORN: The planets continue to line up in your sign making this a year of extremes but also a year of transformation and empowerment. Whimsical amusements allow your creativity to emerge. Design, create and thrive. Jupiter enters your home and family sector. Time to move, relocate, or expand and improve your residence. A new addition to the family is also possible. 

Spiritual Wisdom: Your hidden strength and powerful guides emerge when things are tough.

AQUARIUS: Finances allow for a much needed vacation. Purchases are likely to be connected to water and other liquids. Solitude is good for the soul. Schedule a retreat, spa visit or alone time.  Family members are eager to renew their connection to you. Be open minded and willing to bury the hatchet. Activities increase with young people. Enjoy their energetic presence. 

Spiritual Wisdom: Your designs are unique and remarkable, ignore the critics and bask in your ingenuity.


PISCES: Neptune and Jupiter align in your sign, a very unusual occurrence. It can bring inspiration and an unleashing of creativity but you have to stay grounded and not extend yourself beyond  healthy boundaries. Friends and groups help you to explore your deeper motivations, political thoughts and internal dialogues. An old friend makes contact with surprising news.

Spiritual Wisdom: Imagination is the most coveted of all talents. What you dream, you can achieve.

2022 Planetary Forecast

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