New & Full Moons


All Dates Eastern Time

Jan. 13 New Moon 23Cap13

Jan. 28 Full Moon 9Leo06

Feb. 11 New Moon 23Aqu17

Feb. 27 Full Moon 8Virgo57

March 13 New Moon 23Pisces04

March 28 Full Moon 8Libra18

April 11 New Moon  22Aries25

April 26 Full Moon 7Scorpio06

May 11 New Moon 21Taurus18

May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse 5Sag26

June 10 Solar Eclipse 19Gemini47

June 24 Full Moon 03Cap28

July 9 New Moon 18Cancer02

July 23 Full Moon 01Aqu26

August 8 New Moon 16Leo14

August 22 Full Moon 29Aqu37

Sept. 6 New Moon 14Virgo38

Sept. 20 Full Moon 28Pisces14

Oct. 6 New Moon 13Libra25

Oct. 20 Full Moon 27Aries26

Nov. 4 New Moon 12Scorpio40

Nov. 19 Lunar Eclipse 27Taurus14

Dec. 4 Total Solar Eclipse 12Sag22

Dec. 18 Full Moon 27Gemini29

 2021 Eclipses  

May 26

Total Lunar Eclipse


June 10

Solar Eclipse


Nov. 19

Lunar Eclipse


Dec. 4

Total Solar Eclipse


2022 Eclipses

April 30

Solar Eclipse


May 16

Total Lunar Eclipse


Oct 25

Solar Eclipse

2 Scorpio00

November 8

Total Lunar Eclipse

16 Tau00

Mercury R/D

Jan 30  Mercury R  26Aqu29

Feb. 20 Mercury D 11Aqu01

May 29  Mercury R  24Gemini43

June 22 Mercury D 16Gemini08

Sept. 27 Mercury R  25Libra28

Oct. 18   Mercury D   10Libra08

Venus R/D

Dec. 19  Venus R    26Cap29

Jan. 29 2022 Venus D  11Cap04

Planetary Stations

June 20  Jupiter R  02Pisces11    Oct. 18   Jupiter D  22Aqu.20

May 23   Saturn R  13Aqu.31

Oct. 10   Saturn D  05Aqu.53

July 15   Chiron R  12Aries56    Dec. 19  Chiron D  08Aries26

Aug. 19  Uranus R  14Taurus48  Jan. 18 2022  Uranus D 10Taurus49

June 25  Neptune R  23Pisces12

Dec. 01  Neptune D  20Pisces24

April 27  Pluto R   26Cap48

Oct. 6     Pluto D   24Cap19

Aries: Social interactions play a big role in your life this year. They can either be in-person or through virtual media. You will find yourself getting outside more, too, maybe making plans with friends to hike, walk, bike or to have a special tailgate gathering. Be on the alert for an Aquarius who will make a special impact on your life; this could develop into a life-long friendship. Charitable endeavors call to you. Help people who are in need, even volunteering a small amount of time can make a difference.
Spiritual Wisdom: Give to others, put them first. You have friends who want to connect and stay connected so put out the effort and bury the hatchet.  

Taurus: Sudden career upsets or changes are presented. If you are not working, you find reason to defend your reputation as you seek for others to unconditionally accept who you are. You may not find resolution or acceptance with these issues until late in the year. Your restlessness and need to be unencumbered is strong enough that you could easily forage through personal and professional changes, even welcoming them. Authority figures can test your determination, but you will persevere.
Spiritual Wisdom: Be confident in all your actions, no matter how radical they may seem. Love the new person you have become, no excuses.

Gemini: By the time they year has come to an end, you will have had a significant travel experience. Your knowledge base and long-distance contacts will be greatly expanded, as well. You either become a student or you teach others what you know whether directly or indirectly. Someone from you long ago past will reconnect with you. The Solar Eclipse in your sign in June has you starting new projects and putting your best feet forward. A change in your living conditions has you ready to embrace new routines and happier times.
Spiritual Wisdom: Put fears and anxiety aside and try new things. Failure is not an option. A dream could be the beginning of a great awakening.

Cancer: There is a focus on your financial situation this year. You may have to limit your spending on social events and other pleasurable endeavors. Legal advice may be warranted. Look for a friend who may be instrumental in helping you manage your resources more effectively or who may offer you some freebees in the form of products or services. A Taurus proves helpful and supportive. Relationships are still challenging. Accept others for who and what they are. Develop some tolerance and learn acceptance has its blessings.
Spiritual Wisdom: Accept the things you cannot change. Don’t waste time lamenting what could have been. Deal with what is.


2021 Planetary Forecast

Leo: Relationships within the career sector are challenged this year. Expect some long standing relationships to come to a natural end as well as a few career shifts in either February, June or December. Some financial compensation may come your way in May. The summertime offers an opportunity to travel in order to heal an old wound. You may have reason to question people who give your advice or otherwise act in your behalf. Not all of these relationships are authentic, the trick is to decipher who’s who.

Spiritual Wisdom: Welcome change into your life even if it appears challenging. Letting go has hidden benefits.

Virgo: The focus is on work and vitality this year. Make a pact with your self to eat better and continue with physical fitness endeavors. Work has both challenges and rewards. You will work hard but the rewards could bring a new position. You talents and wiliness to serve will not go unnoticed. Travel takes an unusual turn. A trip could appear out of nowhere or a planned trip could get postponed. New people come on the scene. They will be cheery and supportive with a vivid imagination and a compassionate personality.  
Spiritual Wisdom: Self-improvement speaks volumes to what you really think of yourself. Change comes from the inside.

Libra: This may be the year to obtain a new vehicle. You may have many short trips to take, so why not do it in style? Finances could be strained due to young people (children perhaps), who need your help. Also keep an eye on your entertainment budget because it could get out of hand as your feel the need to participate in and keep up with enjoyable activities with your friends. Like magic, an Aquarius will appear in your life. This person could enrich your view of the world while offering friendship and support.
Spiritual Wisdom: You spare time could be devoted to charitable pursuits. Volunteering brings many untold spiritual rewards.

Scorpio: A bit of disruption colors your year. Relationships and home life get the brunt of it. Months that are challenging but also offer excitement and new discoveries are February, June and December. Fortunately, a sensitive Pisces is there to help you through life’s little ups and downs. You could move, relocate or redecorate or buy some property. Your home life and even relationships are due for a welcoming change of pace. On the brighter side, finances show enough improvement that you can buy something special.
Spiritual Wisdom: Sometimes you have to ask yourself as your traverse challenging relationships: is this really worth it?


Sagittarius: The year brings attention to neighbors, siblings and other relatives. You may have some concern over their health or just feel the need to cheer them up now and again. Your work situation is subject to change. Contractual agreements especially need to be perused carefully before signing. Late May’s Total Lunar Eclipse is a harbinger of change but will also bring travel and new studies either in late May or December. Your desire to write, whether in a journal of something more thought-provoking, this is the year to do it.

Spiritual Wisdom: Things are never as bad as they look. Remember what the sages say: Change is the only constant in the world.

Capricorn: Pluto continues to dance through your sign bringing empowerment and transformation. Your power months are January, May and September. Any real effort you put forth will bring monetary rewards especially in February and again in October. Within your environment is a bubbly, care-free soul who will lift your spirits many times. Nature is offering you a magnificent and magical adventure. Be sure to get outside to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and the amazing creatures who live in it.

Spiritual Wisdom: Don’t be afraid to express yourself, whether it’s tears or laughter. Writing poetry can be a healing ritual.

Aquarius: Both Jupiter and Saturn team up in your sign this year. Saturn is the hard work planet but Jupiter is the happy, care-free accorder of rewards. What this means for you is both energies are available and working in your life. Any effort you put forth will meet with success as long as your intentions are pure and your actions are forthright. February is favorable. June and December bring much activity, if not a little concern around a family member or much busyness due to dwelling improvements.

Spiritual Wisdom: Be open to new people and ideas, especially pertaining to your home life. Your only limitation is your imagination.


Pisces: This year gives you a sneak preview of good things to come. Jupiter enters your sign for a brief stay from May 13 – July 28 and returns for a much longer stay on December 28. Luck and good fortune are with you and others will gift you with many wonderful presents both material and spiritual. Your happy disposition will wear off on others, too, and you will enjoy lending a helping hand to anyone in need. You may even get a new pet this year and find the time for a vacation near the water or in a nature preserve.

Spiritual Wisdom:  When life goes your way, pay it forward. Sharing your joy is the best present you can give to others.