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New & Full Moons 2024

All Dates Eastern Time

Jan. 11    New Moon 20Capricorn44
Jan. 25    Full Moon  05Leo15

Feb. 9       New Moon 20Aqu41
Feb. 24     Full Moon  05Virgo23

March 10    New Moon 20Pisces17
March 25    FM Lunar Eclipse 05Libra07

April 8       Total Solar Eclipse 19Aries24
April 23     Full Moon  04Scorpio18

May 7      New Moon 18Taurus02
May 23    Full Moon  02Sagittarius55

June 6      New Moon 16Gemini18
June 21    Full Moon 01Capricorn07

July 5      New Moon 14Cancer23
July 21    Full Moon 29Capricorn09

August 4    New Moon 12Leo34
August 19  Full Moon 27Aquarius15

Sept. 2      New Moon 11Virgo04
Sept. 17    FM Lunar Eclipse  25Pisces41

Oct. 2      NM Solar Eclipse 10Libra04
Oct. 17    Full Moon 24Aries35

Nov. 1     New Moon 09Scorpio35
Nov. 15    Full Moon 24Taurus01

Dec. 1     New Moon 9Sagittarius33
Dec. 15    Full Moon 23Gemini53
Dec. 30    New Moon 9Capricorn44


2024 Eclipses

March 25

Lunar Eclipse


April 8

Total Solar Eclipse


September 18

Lunar Eclipse


October 02

Solar Eclipse


Mercury R/D

Mercury R  04/01  27Aries13    

Mercury D 04/25   15Aries59
Mercury R  08/04   04Virgo06

Mercury D  08/28  21Leo25
Mercury R  11/25   22Sag40 Mercury D  12/15   06Sag 24

Mars R/D

Mars R 12/6, 2024 6Leo10, Mars D 2/23, 2025 17 Cancer 01

Aries: To get through winter's dark months, socialize as much as you can and make friends with adventurous people. Joining a community fills your time. Motivation is high for career achievement. Don't be afraid to show courage and initiative in a public setting.


Taurus: Expect to attend a wonderful celebration, be it a wedding, anniversary or special birthday. Introspection may be a welcome friend. Enjoy a retreat or spa visit, anything that allows you to reconnect with your inner self. Be open to new exploits and opportunities.


Gemini: Travel with friends and colleagues and expect to experience the joys only new vistas can bring. Be sure priorities are set properly. You may be helping a senior person who relies on your good judgment. Learn from past mistakes with children and youths.


Cancer: A dynamic presenter can stimulate new ideas for healthy living and healing potions. Spring is the perfect time for a trip to the beach and if that isn't possible visit an aquarium or peaceful lake for inspiration. A Sagittarius or Taurus friend lends a hand.


Leo: Romantic relationships are titillating and perilous. It's a good idea to look before you leap into uncharted waters. Consult with a wise and trusted person for answers to your perplexing questions. Check financial distributions and banking records, errors do happen.


Virgo: Winter is a good time to get back to the gym. If that's not possible, commit to a more healthy regime to help build discipline. Try increasing your financial reserves. Long- term security insures a happier retirement. Look around, good food is not far away.


Libra: Comments and suggestions from a partner can lead to the development of more wholesome habits. Romance or pleasurable pursuits can be enhanced by an Aquarius or Aries. Now is a good time to organize your household. Discard unnecessary items.


Scorpio: Spruce up your bedroom or other room in your house where you spend a lot of time. A few decorating changes can make the winter fly by. Reunions are possible with a youngster or ex-lover. Be open to change. Check out vitamins and herbs that invigorate.

Sagittarius: It is not too early to be thinking about landscape changes. Engage the help of a creative friend and draw a map. A child or youngster may surprise you with a positive declaration. Offer plenty of encouragement and support. A small influx of money is likely.


Capricorn: Mars motivates you to take risks and engage in big projects that keep you busy and out of the doldrums. Expect new wardrobe additions, take a risk and try something snazzy. Put time indoors to good use with household repairs and renovations.


Aquarius: You are excited and energized about many new projects and proceed without trepidation. Small changes inside your automobile make your car new again. Earnings should be cautiously and fairly distributed. Balance is the key to having enough money.


Pisces: Saturn continues to bring focus, discipline and responsibility. Closure is needed for a past relationship so you can move forward unencumbered. A friend may have the know-how you need to either make repairs or advise you on an important issue.

2024 Planetary Forecast

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