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Venus Just Turned Retrograde &                               What it Means for you!

Venus retrograded March 4 at 13 degrees of Aries and turns d

irect on April 15 at 27 Pisces. Venus only retrogrades once every 19 months and it stays retrograde for six weeks or about 42 days. It is rare to have Venus retrograde in a natal chart as it is only retrograde 7% of the time. Maris is next in line being retrograde 9% of the time representing another rarity in a birth chart. 

Venus and Mars are planets of love and sex. During a Venus retrograde period you are likely to hear from or about a former lover, marriage partner or friend. New relationships can form and last during a Venus retrograde period as long as they are not impulsive or frivolous. 

Venus also rules decorating, values, money, art, and things you are attracted to. A friendship or love relationship formed during a retrograde Venus can be a reconnection from a past life or one necessary for your spiritual growth. This retrograde cycle affects Pisces, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn the most. It is a time to reconsider and contemplate relationships, embrace new values (as you dispense with ones that don't serve you anymore), look at your financial stability and make necessary changes, and is also a great time to come up with ideas (without contracting) to redecorate your home. Below is the Venus Retrograde cycle for every sign. 

Venus Retrograde Forecast    

Aries: You could have a change of heart about a relationship as you rethink your priorities and feel the need to put them first. Cosmetic procedures are likely or you may experiment with a new hairstyle or eyeglasses.

Taurus: Unresolved issues from past relationships surface. Seek some guidance from a friend or a therapist to set your mind at ease. Expect to hear from someone from your past. It could be an Aries or Pisces. 

Gemini: A friendship is on the line. Tread carefully. You may reconsider your position with a group or organization. One of the things you have to decide is who is in charge? Expect a career development in April. 

Cancer: Your reputation is on the line. Many are observing your behavior so act with the utmost appropriateness. Travel plans become clearer in April. You could decide on a trip to the beach.

 LeoReunions could be in the works and may rekindle a relationship from your youth. An Aries could easily play a role. Sign-up for a creative or artistic class. Your latent talents surface and are more fully utilized. 

Virgo: Take a serious look at finances. You may be over-extending yourself to the point that you have to start saving more. In April, you bask in a more comfortable and secure place in your relationship.

Libra: This retrograde is all about relationships. You reflect on a key relationship and may discover you are lacking emotional fulfillment. This is a good time to recontact a tax or financial advisor or a coach.

Scorpio: Be wary of an office romance or one with a contractor or health care professional. You may live to regret your actions. In April you'll be much happier with a child or younger person.

Sagittarius: Expect to hear from younger family member, an Aries or Pisces perhaps?  Any new love affair should be entered with caution. Creative talents surface. You discover a skill that serves in many ways.  

Capricorn: Dissatisfaction stems from residential concerns. Scan magazines for decorating ideas. Dreams of a faraway place just may be in your future. Relocation is not out of the question now or later. 

Aquarius: Your are intrigued by new cars, computers and cell phones. Do not be too quick to purchase any of these items. It may be prudent to wait. April brings an excellent financial deal that has merit.

 Pisces: Finances look shaky but show great improvement by April. In fact, April is your epiphany month. The vision of your life's direction takes shape and your attain a goal that feeds your well-being.